About us

Students at BIMS are part of a very close and caring knowledge community

They come from diverse geographic, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds to live and learn, side by side. With an annual enrollment of 120, students and faculty know one another personally.

The strong friendships formed here endure long after a student graduates, as do the life-changing lessons learned.

One of the primary benefits of a Management Education at BIMS is the sense of independence and maturity that it provides for its students.

However, independence does not mean our students have to face the year without support. Our faculty and staff are keenly aware of the needs and concerns that students face and have in place a variety of resources to support and serve the needs of our student body.

Something is always happening at BIMS. When students aren't in classes, sports, they have the opportunity to join their classmates in a variety of fun activities around campus, in BIMS and beyond.