Faculty & Research

Faculty & Research

MBA Faculty of Balaji Group of Institutions is known for passionate teaching and academic excellence with a vast experience in teaching and research and also in delivering business knowledge. They are experts in their fields who are up-to-speed with the latest trends in management, entrepreneurship, international business, financial markets and technology. The faculty teaches a curriculum that facilitates hands-on learning opportunities: entrepreneurial projects, Personality Development and internships. Teaching is valued highly and the curriculum includes case method and instructor-directed courses, and emphasizes classroom interaction.

The faculty is dedicated, talented, experienced who motivate and energize the students to achieve the best. They believe that teaching is a key part of the learning process and to learn more effectively, always a mentor is required to answer questions and cumulate thinking.

S.No Name Registration Number Designation View Profile
1 Dr. LINGAM SAMPATH 5157-150412-165616 Principal View Profile
2 Dr. KUSHINI PRASAD 6758-150410-152127 Associate Professor View Profile
3 RANJITH UPPULA 0781-150430-143944 Assistant Professor View Profile
4 NEELAM HEMA 36150401-171510 Assistant Professor View Profile
5 JONJULA KARUNASREE 9584-151219-152456 Assistant Professor View Profile
6 MADHU VEERAMALLA 2398-170105-112646 Assistant Professor View Profile
7 GADDE SRINU 0467-170105-150416 Assistant Professor View Profile
8 PAPANI SUSHMA 2016-180813-161043 Assistant Professor View Profile
9 KOYAGOORA RAJITHA 9882-181122-113052 Assistant Professor View Profile
10 PRASANNA SHEELUM 1424-181122-133324 Assistant Professor View Profile
11 SUNITHA AZMEERA 1400-181122-155759 Assistant Professor View Profile
12 SUDHA RANI AEKU 3357-190712-143645 Assistant Professor View Profile
13 ILIYAZ AHMED MOHAMMAD 4618-190730-124131 Assistant Professor View Profile
14 Mr. A. GOPI KRISHNA 3078-190221-152149 Assistant Professor View Profile
15 BHARATH 8049-200107-162443 Assistant Professor View Profile

Our Guest Faculty

The institute organizes a series of lectures by entrepreneurs, business leaders and technology experts enabling students to learn from the industry doyens. Students get a chance to interact with these achievers, in smaller groups and understand the management issues faced by business leaders and organizations in different parts of the world. Leading through leaders shared their experiences in organizational culture in global enterprise, brand management and various other contemporary issues.

Prof. V.V.S. Sharma, Dept of Commerce and Business Management KU, Warangal

T.Satyanarayana Chary, Head. Dept of Commerce, Telangana University,Nizambad.

Mr. N. Vedakumar, Factory Manager, Kesoram Cements, Karimnagar.

Dr.P. Ram Lal , Asst. prof, NIT, Warangal.

Prof. Rudra Saibaba, L B College Warangal.

Prof. A. Shankaraiah, Director P. G Centre, L B College, Warangal.

Mr. Amarnath Rao, Director, Druva College of Managememt, Hyderabad.

Dr.E.Murali Darshan, IIFT, New Delhi.

Dr. B. Anand, Dept of Management Studies, Pndicherry University, Tamil Nadu.

Dr. P. Varalaxmi, Asst. Prof,Dept of Commerce & Busines Management , Kakatiya University.

Mr.E. Nanda Kishore, Deputy General Manager, HR, NTPC.,Ramagundam.

Mr. Vidya Sagar, Deputy General Manager, HR, A P Paper Mills, Hyd. And many more…